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in 2009 in South Africa
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I am a South African squash player and started playing since the age of 9. I guess you can say I have hit a few balls in my life. My parents also play squash, so thats where I was introduced. My mom was actually pregnant with me while playing. Now you will be asking, why did I decide to play squash at a young age?

When I started getting results as a junior in SA, I really enjoyed winning matches and tournaments. Every time that inspired me to try and win even more and to keep improving.

I enjoy playing squash now because its just an amazing physical, mental and skill challenge all in one! Every time you train and see the improvement its really motivating to get even stronger and faster. When you start getting results doing that, you know you are on the right path! Its also the perfect way to see the world and to meet people from all over the world!

Highest SA ranking:

#1 IN 2009

Hightest PSA ranking:

#60 MAY IN 2014

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SA National Champion

2016, 2017 & 2019

Represented SA at world team championships